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Join The Listed Property Owners’ Club today for vital insider information, financial savings and advice, but best of all peace of mind. Be part of our unique club and celebrate your part in preserving heritage. Below are some of the exclusive resources you have access to as a member.

Membership starts from as little as £4 a month

Join today and let the Listed Property Owners’ Club save you stress, time and money so you can focus on enjoying a beautiful part of our built heritage.

Become a member of LPOC for just £60 per year, or set up a direct debit to save £12 and pay just £4 per month.

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On joining you will receive a Logbook, which enables you to build a record of your home’s unique history and character. Packed full of detailed information sheets providing expert advice on a wide range of topics essential for listed building owners, the logbook is unique to LPOC members. Includes a series of information sheets, a copy of your own home's listing, and much more.


Magazine Cover

The club's magazine, Listed Heritage, is published in full colour every other month and is used to update ownership information, VAT and legal appeals etc. It also contains examples of conversions and restoration projects, members' letters, lifestyle and interior features, advice and information. Listed Heritage is the insider’s guide to listed property ownership.

Telephone Helpline

Telephone Help Line

When you need help quickly or want to discuss problems or plans, the LPOC helpline puts our experience at your disposal, providing free advice for members. Our friendly team of experts can assist you with any query you may have about buying, owning and maintaining a listed building.

Suppliers Directory

Supplier Directory

A list of specialist companies that provide products and services for the alteration, maintenance and restoration of listed buildings. They are known to LPOC and members can approach them with confidence.

Campaign for Owners

Campaign for Owners

LPOC continues to campaign for the owners of listed buildings’ rights and representation in Parliament.

LPOC Plaque

LPOC Plaque

Members’ discount on our unique solid lead listed building plaque for your home.

Members Discounts and Savings

Member Discounts

Save money on relevant products
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