Annual Achievements

The Club have updated our timeline of achievements for 2021, covering everything we have accomplished over the past 12 months as well as our plans for the coming year.

Even during a very difficult and turbulent year, the Club have continued to push ahead with our work in Westminster, challenging the government and demanding changes to help protect our homes.

While 2021 looks to be just as uncertain, we are still actively pursuing our Owner’s Forums and liaising with MPs and government officials.


JUNE 2017
The Club creates the first Owners’ Manifesto using evidence gathered at the Owners’ Voice sessions and presents it to MPs to put listed buildings on the agenda.

JULY 2017
The Club hosts a reception on the House of Commons Terrace, hosted by Craig Mackinlay MP. Members meet with a group of MPs to share their first-hand experiences and ask for action on VAT and planning.

APPG on Listed Properties officially relaunched, with newly elected MPs joining from all parties. The APPG agenda focuses on tax and the drastic fall in conservation resources within local councils.

The Club announces a series of Owners’ Forums, which allow owners to meet their MP and discuss local challenges.

MARCH 2018
Listed Property Owners’ Forum held in Helensburgh with Brendan O’Hara MP.

APRIL 2018
The Club attends Q&A session with Shadow Minister for Arts and Heritage Kevin Brennan MP.
Listed Property Owners’ Forum held in Ludlow with Philip Dunne MP.

MAY 2018
The Club is invited to attend an evidence session with Heritage Minister, Michael Ellis. Members attend to voice their challenges with inconsistent decision making.

Heritage Minister, Michael Ellis, writes to APPG chair, Craig Mackinlay MP, voicing his support for action on VAT and a desire to open a discussion at the treasury.

The Club is invited to join the Heritage Alliance Tax Working Group to help develop broader tax policy, covering both VAT and other forms of public support.

JUNE 2018
Listed Property Owners’ Forum held in Witney with Robert Courts MP.
Listed Property Owners’ Forum held in Leominster with Bill Wiggin MP.
Listed Property Owners’ Forum held in Tiverton with Neil Parish MP.

JULY 2018
The Club launches an official UK Government petition for the reduction of VAT on listed buildings.

Evidence session to support the VAT campaign.

The Club launches the Campaign for Scottish Owners at the inaugural Scottish Listed Property Show.

The Club appoints a full-time campaign officer to develop policy, engage with parliament and capitalise on previous successes.

The Club launches a Campaign for Welsh Owners, making our campaign truly national.
The Club embarks on a Freedom of Information campaign, demanding full statistics on listed buildings from all UK councils.

MARCH 2019
The Club completes an updated and comprehensive Owners’ Manifesto covering tax, planning, energy efficiency and a package of local council reforms.

The Club attends the Heritage Alliance Tax Working Group, supporting Heritage Action Zones, Future Highstreets and Living Cities as options to reduce the tax burden of ownership.

APRIL 2019
The Club meets with Kirsty Williams AM, a member of the Welsh government, to discuss the challenges faced by Welsh owners.
The Club takes part in the biannual review of Historic England, giving feedback on how they can better support members.

MAY 2019
The Club are invited to Holyrood to meet with Shadow Housing Minister, Graham Simpson MSP, discussing the specific challenges of Scottish owners.
The Club is invited to give evidence to the Welsh culture committee by Bethan Sayed AM.

JUNE 2019
The Club attends a Welsh regional conservation officers’ forum to engage with officers and builds links for further discussions.
The Club begins building evidence about local council services as the basis for a report on the present state of conservation services.

JULY 2019
The Club attends the APPG on Apprenticeships to discuss the skills shortage in the heritage sector, and to campaign for more training schemes.
The Club is invited to meet with the Welsh heritage agency, Cadw, to discuss the on-going
review of planning processes in Wales.

The Club provides support to a group of local owners whose homes are under threat from external development.

The Club is invited to consult with MHCLG and contribute policy ideas for their green paper, submitting written evidence and attending the ministry. Our advice is warmly received and will form part of the eventual white paper.

The APPG on Listed Properties holds its annual general meeting, discussing their efforts in this Parliament, and considering issues for the future agenda.

The first Listed Property Show South West is attended by Historic England and Cadw. Members from England and Wales come to discuss their challenges.
The Club attends the Heritage Alliance Tax Working Group and supports a major study into VAT relief.

Shadow Housing Minister, Graham Simpson MSP, speaks at the Scottish Listed Property Show and meets with owners and Historic Environment Scotland.

The Club holds a reception at the House of Commons, inviting members to share their challenges with MPs. Craig Mackinlay announces that planning policy will be the primary focus of the APPG in the next parliament.

The Club holds a reception in Holyrood hosted by Graham Simpson MSP with Historic Environment Scotland speaking. Scottish owners have their first opportunity to speak directly to their representatives and share
their challenges.

General election delivers many new ministers and MPs. The Club begins approaching new APPG members and engaging with new ministers, Nigel Huddleston and Oliver Dowden.

MARCH 2020
Westminster Hall Debate on VAT brings together representatives from 5 different Westminster parties to discuss the need to support listed building owners.

The Club supports APPG Chair Craig Mackinlay in putting the case for owners. New found support from Wera Hobhouse and Hywel Williams.

APPG on Listed Properties is re-registered for the new parliament, and beings expanding members.

The Club participate in the steering group for Historic England’s Heritage Counts project for 2020. The Club impress the need for practical advice and to properly develop energy efficiency guidance for listed buildings.

The Government publishes “Planning For The Future” on reform of the planning system. The Club contribute to the consultation and argue for greater reforms around listed buildings.

Government announces Green Home Grants, which do not deliver for listed building owners. The Club engages with BEIS to try and improve the scope of the grant scheme and ensure that listed buildings are not left out.

The Club writes to another 82 MPs encouraging them to join the APPG

The Club contribute to Historic England’s consultation on listed building consent, emphasising the need to be proportionate and responsive to the real-world challenges facing owners.

The Club lead a campaign to the Treasury for VAT relief ahead of the budget.
The Club will continue to recruit new APPG members.

The Club carry owners’ issues to MSPs and Scottish parties in the run up to Holyrood elections.

Owners’ Forums across the UK to bring together owners and their MPs to discuss their challenges – pending COVID guidelines.

Dependant on COVID guidelines, the Club will return to Westminster to hold our annual reception, inviting ministers and senior backbenchers to speak directly with owners.

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