Cross Party Group in the National Assembly

The Club are happy to report that our efforts to form a Cross Party Group in the Welsh Assembly have been successful.

We visited the Assembly in Cardiff yesterday to meet with Dr Dai Lloyd AM of Plaid Cymru. His support, along with Janet Finch-Saunders of the Welsh Conservatives and Mike Hedges of the Labour party means that we can move ahead with an initial meeting, and as a result the group can be officially recognised.

This is a great success both for our members in Wales as well as in the whole UK. It’s extremely positive to see elected representatives supporting their local listed building owners, and the formation of this new group will demonstrate the need for reform to legislatures across the UK.

We are presently working to find the best date for the groups inaugural meeting, but we see sometime in June as most likely. This will put the EU and local elections behind us, and ensure that most AMs don’t have other party commitments.

We hope to see a good attendance and a strong discussion of the issues facing listed building owners in Wales. As a result we hope to see group members ask questions in the Assembly, and provide input into the present review of Welsh planning laws.

For a full write up of our campaign in Wales, and for our next steps after the formation of the CPG, see our next issue of Listed Heritage.

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