LPOC Listed Building Plaque

500,000 listed buildings in towns and the countryside are part of our heritage. Until now, no means of visibly identifying listed buildings have been available. The Listed Property Owners’ Club has created a unique solid lead plaque exclusively for owners to celebrate their justifiable pride of ownership. They measure 10” in diameter, cost £150 each but are only available to owners or occupiers of listed buildings. To safeguard its uniqueness an undertaking is sought not to use the plaque improperly or to sell it on.


Following requests from our members, The Listed Property Owners’ Club have now produced a plaque specifically for Scottish owners. We also have an English Plaque, a Welsh Plaque with Welsh writing and a Welsh Plaque with English writing.


The plaques are charged at £150 and is fully inclusive of VAT and postage and packaging. Click below to order your English, Welsh or Scottish Plaque or call 01795 844939.


Members of the Club can purchase the LPOC Listed Building Plaque for the special discounted price of £120 by calling us on 01795 844939.


Not a member of LPOC? Why not join today for just £60 to get your plaque for the discounted price of £120 with your annual membership. Click here for more details on LPOC membership.

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