Letter To The Treasury

Our effort to reduce VAT on listed building works is the cornerstone of our political campaign. Owners across the UK are still being penalised by this unfair tax, and we are making every effort to roll that back.

The decision to apply VAT was made with the strike of a pen at the 2012 budget, and can be removed in the same way, so every budget gives us another opportunity to bring the issue to the treasury’s attention.

During the election campaign a budget was promised for February, and so we have asked the Craig MacKinlay, chair of the APPG on Listed Properties, to write officially write to the chancellor and raise the issue. He has done so, and written an excellent letter outlining the challenges owners face today.

As an official letter from an MP, the Treasury will have to respond and give their view of the issue. This will set the scene for our work over this parliament, and so we anxiously anticipate their answer.

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