VAT Petition Update

Our national VAT petition is now a third of the way to the target of 10,000 signatures that will trigger a response from Government.

Listed property owners right across the UK have enthusiastically taken up our call for a 5% VAT rate on repairs and approved alterations to listed buildings.

A useful map (click here to view map) shows the constituencies around the UK where listed building owners have already taken action. The highest number of signatories live in North Herefordshire, Tiverton and Honiton, The Cotswolds, Cities of London and Westminster, Tonbridge and Malling and South Thanet, where Craig Mackinlay, the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Listed Properties, is the MP.

The Listed Property Owners’ Club organiser Martin Anslow, has urged owners who have not yet made their mark on the map by signing the petition to do so and ask friends and neighbours to show their support by signing as well.

He said:  “The more names on the petition the louder our voice and the less excuse the Government has to dismiss our powerful argument that the Treasury’s decision in 2012 to impose VAT for pre-authorised alterations was a blow to owners and a blow to the UK’s heritage.”

“There are 1.5 million listed property owners in the UK. This petition is an opportunity to demonstrate that they make up a powerful group of voters who can have a significant impact at the next election.”

As well as working with the APPG, the Club twitter announcement of the petition with the comment “(I am) fascinated to see what happens. I have always thought no VAT on new build but VAT on looking after what we already have is perverse!”

The Club will keep up the momentum on the petition and VAT campaign in the coming weeks, using the media and other influencers to raise awareness as it is important to make the strongest case as MPs return from their long summer recess in September and the Chancellor begins work on the 2018 Budget.

Click here to sign the Petition and support listed building owners today.

For more information on the Club’s on-going Political Campaign for Owners please click here.