By taking out a LPOC Insurance policy you are directly supporting the Club’s political campaign, which lobbies Government on behalf of owners to reduce the cost of ownership. For more details, please contact the Club or visit www.lpoc.co.uk/campaign

In order to ensure that you have the correct cover, you need to specify an accurate rebuild sum for your property. This is different to the property’s market value and must reflect the full rebuild cost to reinstate the property as it was using appropriate materials and methods as instructed by your conservation officer. If you are unsure of the rebuild cost for your property, please speak to one of the team on 01795 844939 for assistance in arranging for a professionally qualified surveyor to advise on a suitable figure.

Yes we can accommodate these. For buildings undergoing renovation, repair or conversation we will need specific details to correctly insure you, please call the team on 01795 844939 for more information.

Yes we can accommodate these, together with commercial properties.

Some insurers would. But it is crucial you read the policy and check exactly what you will be insured for.

Yes, some of our insurance policies will cover this free of charge when you take buildings cover, so long as you were not aware of the unauthorised work at the time of taking out insurance.

It is important to bear in mind a number of points such as the quality of the insurer and the cover provided, price should not always be the main factor. How repairs to your listed building are carried out is the most important factor, together with a willingness by the insurer to pay your potential claim. It is also vital to understand that any unauthorised work carried out to the property by previous owners will now become your responsibility if the conservation officer decides you must reinstate as per the original, and very few insurance providers out there will cover you for that.

Yes you can and it is easy to set up.

An accurate rebuilding figure is important, the insurance team can provide assistance in arranging for a professionally qualified surveyor to advise on correct rebuild figures.

Our insurance rates are no more expensive for period homes, however it is important to bear in mind that rebuilding costs for listed buildings are more expensive so this will mean slightly higher insurance premiums compared to modern houses or generic buildings policies.

Yes you can, however many comparison sites may say they can provide quotes, and then offer up an incredibly cheap deal. Be aware – if you look further into these quotes you will most likely find you are not correctly insured for your listed property and they may not cover the full cost of your rebuild to the conservation officer’s standards. With any insurance quotes you get, make sure you read the policy and check exactly what you will be insured for. Do not assume the cheapest price is the best deal for your property. For adequate listed property insurance you should be directed to specialists like ourselves where a detailed and correct quotation will be provided.

This figure should represent the total value of the possessions in your home, excluding valuables, which are specified separately. The cover needs to be sufficient to replace all of the items in your home at their full replacement cost (apart from clothing and linen which is subject to deduction for wear and tear)

Yes, please use our quick enquiry form and let us know when you would like to be called – we will do our very best to reach you at this time.

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