Energy Support

The government’s scheme to help people with the rising cost of energy has been operating since last year for gas customers, but their announced programme to help people who do not use mains gas for heating, which includes many listed property owners, has lagged behind. This month they have finally begun to provide some support to home owners who rely on heating oil, biomass or other kinds of fuel.

The support is being provided in the form of a one-off credit of £200 to your mains electricity supplier, which will ensure that the subsidies reach the overwhelming majority of households. While millions of British homes do not have access to gas, almost every permanent building has an electricity supplier, with only a small number of houseboats and static caravans missing out.

The Club are happy to see the government finally making good on their promises to support people who use alternative fuels. Many listed properties use heating oil, especially those in rural areas, and prices have risen steeply since last year. It does however come as a disappointment that owners had to pay out of pocket to fill their tanks and then wait for reimbursement, and equally frustrating that the support will come as a credit on other energy bills. Households will not actually receive a refund against the oil they bought and will have to wait until they use £200 of electricity to see the cost equal out.

The Club encourage all owners to check their next electricity bill to ensure that your credit has been received.

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