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Warning – Listed property guidance and law is always changing and no two listed properties incur the same restrictions or regulations. What applies to one building does not necessarily apply to the next. Call our dedicated free of charge helpline to access information specific to your particular property.

The Listed Property Owners’ Club is an indispensable source of practical advice on every aspect of owning and maintaining a listed building. Before you make any key purchase or maintenance decisions, call our dedicated helpline to access up-to-date information specific to your particular property, bearing in mind that no two listed properties incur the same restrictions or regulations. Contrary to popular belief, listing protects the complete building both inside and out, the area immediately surrounding and any extensions that have previously been added. Our in-house conservation advisors can offer independent advice before and during conversations with your local council planning office. Call us now on 01795 844939 to speak to one of our experts.

In addition to speaking to an advisor, you can download our free guides. To do so click the images below to register. If you would like a printed copy, free of charge, please call us on 01795 844939.

A Guide to Owning or Buying a Listed Building and A Guide to Insuring Your Listed Property are essential reading for anyone considering a purchase or already looking after a listed building. Over its lifetime, the Club has given peace of mind to its members, helping them avoid the potential hazards of listed building ownership and saving them thousands of pounds in the process. In conjunction with personalised advice from our member’s helpline, these guides will introduce the main issues to consider when buying or working on a listed building.

For further insight and inspiration, Listed Heritage is a bi-monthly, 150-page magazine published by the Club exclusively for its members. It contains fascinating restoration profiles, garden design for listed properties, a supplier’s directory, technical and legal advice, appeals case files and news on regional events. It also includes regular contributions from leading conservation practitioners Historic England, Historic Environment Scotland and Cadw, making it the perfect way to keep informed and to connect with the listed owner community throughout the UK.

Click here to join The Listed Property Owners’ Club in order to receive your first issue of Listed Heritage. Alternatively, call 01795 844939 and speak to a team member today.

“Thank you so much for advice you have provided, this has been brilliant and really highlights the usefulness and importance of being part of The Listed Property Owners Club.”

Justin Roper, Member