Grants for Listed Buildings

We have expert support and knowledge to give you the best chance of finding the right listed building grant for your conservation project.

Unfortunately for private owners of listed properties, grants are very few and far between. A small number of local authorities still provide small discretionary grants for buildings of architectural or historic interest. It is best to contact them directly as to whether they offer any funding. The Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic England also provide grants in very particular circumstances.

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Grants for listed building repairs & conservation

Grants for repairs to listed buildings are increasingly hard to find. Grant-giving organisations, such as Historic England, are focused on funding nationally important buildings or buildings on the Heritage At Risk Register which are only viable with grant funding.

For newly acquired buildings, it is normally assumed that the purchase price took into account the cost of any necessary repair and modernisation works. The buyers will then be expected to cover the cost of any repairs.  .

Heritage Lottery Fund cannot normally help private owners, although it can assist Building Preservation Trusts or charities in the rescue of a building that eventually passes into private ownership. The UK Association of Building Preservation Trusts is comprised of non-profit organisations, often rooted in local communities, who seek to protect and preserve heritage buildings. These groups tend to focus their resources on much deteriorated local sites.


New schemes to help revive & protect

Early in 2017, Historic England launched a new £6 million funding scheme to help revive and protect historic buildings and locations across the UK. Through this scheme, local authorities will be given access to grants to repair historic buildings, as well as the skills to care for and maintain the building for years to come.

This initiative will see a huge variety of historic buildings rehabilitated and restored as houses, or as commercial and community spaces. One of the chief aims of Historic England is to use these restoration projects to attract tourists to new British locations, thus providing an economic boost to local communities. If this potential is realised, it could lead to better local and government legislation to protect listed properties.

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