Heritage Statement

The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport have a complex relationship with listed buildings, as they have to support the cultural and historic value of our homes without much of the legislative power over them. The way that DCMS supports heritage within other departments is through annual Heritage Statements.

The 2021 paper is moving towards its publishing date, and the Club were able both to give feedback to DCMS and discuss their existing themes and ideas at a recent meeting between the Club and officials. Two specific goals of addressing climate change, and “levelling up” heritage across the UK were discussed, and the Club were happy to bring forward our members concerns.

Both of these will come as good news to owners, especially outside of the traditional listed building hotspots in the south east and south west. While DCMS cannot force other departments to enact it’s goals, the Heritage Statement is an official expression of government policy, and it can’t be directly contradicted by another minister under the principle of collective responsibility.

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