Planning Policy

The planning system is a constant problem for listed property owners, with a combination of inadequate services, planning fees and long waiting periods making it very difficult to carry out small but meaningful works. This is particularly true for works like installing external heat pump compressors or ground level solar, which require full planning permission no matter where they are located. This is a major problem, adding the costs of preparing and completing a planning application as well as the direct fees required by the local council, on top of the high costs of installing a green heating system.

The Club are campaigning for all planning fees associated with green heating to be waived, to keep the costs of installing these systems as low as possible.

In the longer term, we are campaigning for the application process for these specific kinds of work to be slimmed down to make cases easier and faster to determine.  If a heat pump only requires planning permission because it is located near a listed building, then the application should be exempt from the planning fee. Such applications should be more streamlined, with a presumption that permission will be granted, unless there is demonstrable harm to the setting of the listed building.

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